Scholarships Are Available

The right to education is one of every Indian citizen’s fundamental rights. Money should not be a barrier for a student with new ideas in his head and enthusiasm in his heart, according to Chandigarh Courses. We award excellent students scholarships and financial aid based on their academic performance and interest.


Scholarship Program at Chandigarh Courses

We think that a person’s goals should never be abandoned due to a lack of financial means. We began our scholarship programme in response to the difficulties experienced by millions of students around the country, ensuring that those with a desire to study do not lose out on something that might transform their and their families’ lives forever. For our diploma course and advanced digital marketing certification course, we provide scholarships that lower the tuition from 50% to 100%. Here are the people who can profit from it:

Scholarship for Orphan Applicants Toppers of the Education Board
Individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who are physically handicapped (Individuals who have lost the ability to walk or speak)
Members of the immediate relatives of killed defence personnel (Army, Air force, and Navy)
Sports, Cultural, Research and Development, Co-curricular, Social Service, and Bravery Awards
Individuals who have passed the CIIM scholarship test (general public).
Fill out this short form on your right to remain updated about our forthcoming scholarship tests or to learn more about this programme. Our education consultant will contact you as soon as possible.