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6 Things Cheaper in USA Than India

things cheaper in usa than India

Hey there! Are you curious about the things that are cheaper in the United States compared to India? Well, let’s explore together!

Here in this article, Chandigarh Courses editorial team compiled a list of top 6 things cheaper in USA than in India.

Let’s have a look..

List of Top 6 Things Cheaper in USA Than India

Let’s check out the list of the top 6 cheaper things in the USA than in India. This list will help you make a clear decision about which things are cheaper. So, without wasting any time, let’s move the rundown: 

1. Electronics

Firstly, when it comes to electronics like smartphones, laptops, and televisions, the United States is a great place to look for deals. This is because of the presence of large electronics companies like Apple, Dell, and Samsung that offer competitive prices due to economies of scale.

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2. Cars

Moving on to cars, the US market has a wider range of options available to consumers, making cars generally cheaper compared to India. Also, gasoline prices in the United States are significantly lower due to its more developed oil and gas industry.

3. Clothing

If you’re a fan of fashion, you’ll be happy to know that clothing is often cheaper in the United States compared to India. This is because of the high demand for fast fashion and the presence of large retailers such as Walmart, Target, and H&M that can offer clothing at lower prices.

4. Groceries

When it comes to groceries, although certain food items may be cheaper in India due to local agriculture, the US has a highly competitive grocery market with large supermarket chains like Walmart, Kroger, and Safeway that offer lower prices on a wide range of products.

5. Healthcare

In terms of healthcare, while the United States is notorious for high healthcare costs, certain procedures like dental work and elective surgeries can be cheaper in the US compared to India. This is due to the higher quality of care and availability of advanced medical technology.

6. Education

Lastly, when it comes to education, the US has a more developed education system with a wider range of options available to students. Community college and vocational training programs can actually be cheaper in the US compared to India, although college tuition costs are notoriously high.


Overall, while India may be cheaper in some aspects, the United States offers many products and services at competitive prices due to its highly developed markets.

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