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7 Things Cheaper in Philippines Than India With Details

The Philippines, famous for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality, also offers a range of items and experiences that won’t break the bank. Here’s a look at what you can enjoy for less in the Philippines compared to India:

List of Cheaper Things in Philippines Than India

The Philippines is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and welcoming people. It’s also a place where you can enjoy a range of experiences without breaking the bank. Here’s a look at what you can enjoy for less in the Philippines compared to India:

1. Affordable Accommodation:

Whether you’re looking for a cozy guesthouse or a luxurious hotel, accommodation options in the Philippines are often more budget-friendly than in India, especially in popular destinations like Manila and Cebu.

2. Delicious Street Food:

Savoring local flavors won’t cost you much in the Philippines. From savory adobo to tangy sinigang, Filipino street food is not only delicious but also easy on the pocket.

3. Budget-Friendly Transportation:

Getting around in the Philippines is wallet-friendly, with public transportation such as buses, jeepneys, and tricycles offering affordable fares. Even taxis and ride-sharing services like Grab are relatively cheap.

4. Great Shopping Deals:

Whether you’re hunting for clothing, electronics, or souvenirs, shopping in the Philippines can be a bargain, especially if you’re willing to haggle at local markets.

5. Entertainment on a Budget:

Enjoying a night out or exploring attractions is more affordable in the Philippines. Movie tickets, entrance fees, and nightlife activities won’t dent your wallet.

6. Cost-Effective Healthcare:

Medical services and medications are often more affordable in the Philippines, making it easier to access healthcare without worrying about high costs.

7. Outdoor Adventures:

From island hopping to diving, outdoor activities in the Philippines are not only thrilling but also cheaper compared to similar experiences in India.


While these cost-saving opportunities exist, prices can vary based on location and season. It’s always wise to compare prices and look for discounts to make the most of your budget.


Q1: Are products in the Philippines of good quality?

Ans: Yes, you can find high-quality goods in the Philippines, offering a range of options to suit your needs and preferences.

Q2: Is it safe to try street food in the Philippines?

Ans: Yes, street food in the Philippines is generally safe to eat, but it’s wise to choose vendors who maintain good hygiene practices.

Q3: Are there any cultural nuances to keep in mind while shopping in the Philippines?

Ans: Yes, bargaining is common in the Philippines, particularly in markets. It’s also polite to greet and thank vendors.

Q4: Can I use Indian currency in the Philippines?

Ans: No, you’ll need to exchange your Indian currency for Philippine pesos (PHP) upon arrival. Currency exchange facilities are available at airports and major cities.

Q5: Are there any hidden costs to be aware of while traveling in the Philippines?

Ans: It’s advisable to budget for additional expenses such as transportation, meals, and entrance fees to attractions, as these can add up during your trip.

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