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5 Best Online Cake Delivery In Chandigarh With Details

online cake delivery in Chandigarh

So, you are looking for the best online cake delivery in Chandigarh, right? Well, there could be many providers to deliver your cake.

In this article, we’ll know about a list of the 5 best online cake providers in Chandigarh. Without wasting time, let us start a discussion about online cake deliveries.

Top 5 Online Cake Delivery in Chandigarh

1. Flora India

Birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, company launches, and baby showers. Moreover, the occasions, won’t be complete without flowers. The lingering aroma transports you back to a happy memory. All the vibrant colors work together to give a particular experience to folks.

FloraIndia.com expresses amazing flowers. Which is the best way to convey your sentiments. Moreover, they enjoy any event you are planning. They assist you in reaching out across oceans to touch the hearts of people. They are careful about making your presence known no matter where you are. And they do it all with gorgeous flower arrangements that are beautiful.

Services Offer

Birthday cakes


Fresh fruits



Contact Details

Website: https://www.floraindia.com/

Contact Form: https://www.floraindia.com/contacts/

2. Cake N Gifts

CakenGifts.in is a website introducing a new kind of natural ingredient. Moreover, it is utilized in our cakes by our chefs. They are an amalgamation of heritage and current trends. Moreover, which is why they provide clients with their favorite traditional tastes. Thus, their new flavors produce a new and delicious cake for any occasion.

Cakengifts.in has won the hearts of many cake enthusiasts. Its main attributes that attract customers are its delectable cakes and prompt delivery.
Cake gifts, conceived by a present lover and the cheery attitude of a person from a basic background. They are no longer unique, but selling them with great love and thanks may set them distinct from others. We pay special attention to each of our clients and strive to offer them the finest possible service.

Services Offer

Cake By theme

Cake for Occasion

Cake by flowers

Cake by relation

Cake by city

Contact Details

Website: https://www.cakengifts.in/

Contact Form: https://www.cakengifts.in/contact-us

3. Cake Plaza

It all began as a Sunday cake-making challenge by a relative coming from out of town five years ago. Moreover, it evolved into preparing cakes for family and friends on significant occasions.

Cake Plaza realized this was our true calling as time went on for incredible cake baking. Thus, a challenge took place in our home kitchen years ago. Cake Plaza has a particular place in the hearts of not only family and friends. but also satisfied customers throughout India. As they looked more into this business of creating and distributing cakes. Moreover, they discovered the flaws in the whole online giving system.

Services Offered

Cakes by flavor

Cakes by festival

Flowers and cakes

Cakes by relation

Cakes by plants


Contact Details

Website: https://www.cakeplaza.in/

Contact no: +91 9873739058

4. India Cakes

Indiacakes.com is India’s largest online cake store, taking online orders and delivering them to over 1000 locations throughout the country.

They started the company in 2004 in the small town of Kolhapur in the state of Maharashtra. It has been based in the city of Pune for the last seven years.

Birthday Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Cartoon Cakes, and Fondant Cakes are among our specialties.

They are the first firm in India to provide artisan ice cream cakes, which use ice cream instead of traditional fresh whip cream for cake frosting and stacking.

IndiaCakes want to give our customers the best possible experience when it comes to quality, pricing, and decoration.

Services Offered

Cake by flavour

Cakes by theme







Contact Details

Website: https://www.indiacakes.com/

Contact no: 020-66222222

5. My Flower Trees

They began delivering fresh flowers in New Delhi over a million orders ago. We’d always intended to make something beneficial and dependable for our clients. It opened its first office in central Delhi as Progressive Commerce. Moreover, five individuals ship roughly 20 orders every day.

The goal was to provide a pleasant experience that led to brand awareness via recommendations. Later, in response to client demand, they introduced cakes. Then they put up a gift package that included real potted plants and bespoke stationery.

My Flower Tree hasn’t altered since they’re working hard to make a trustworthy brand. They appreciate consumers who entrust them with such special moments.

Services Offered

Special day cakes

Special day flowers

Same day delivery

Birthday cakes


Contact Details

Website: https://www.myflowertree.com/

Contact no:  098711 41000


I hope this guide helps you choose the best online cake delivery in Chandigarh. Read more about various useful guides on our blog.

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